The Paladin

Ever vigilant, the paladin's sole purpose is to squelch the lives of those filled with evil. Many times, she will take up the mantle of leadership and wade into battles with insurmountable odds, only to emerge victorious under the banner of her god. Other times, you may find her setting upon a journey all her own, a lone traveler that walks the path of righteousness. No matter the company she keeps, however, there is always light in her heart and vengence in her soul.

The Deities

Various Deity Symbols
Sarenrae Brigh Shelyn
sarenrae brigh shelyn

The Woman

Verin was always thinking there was more to life than her simple farmland upbringing. She found her calling as a teenager when a wandering demon caught her just outside her home. Faced with certain death, she prayed to the only god she had ever known: Serenrae. A bolt of pure light burst through the heavens, but did touch the demon. Instead, the light coalesced in her hand and formed a small silver rapier. Without hesitation, she pierced the creature's hide, igniting its body in holy flame.

Her father, hearing the battle outside, rushed to his daughter's aid, but found his little girl had all but grown up before his eyes. With tears in his eyes, he shared with her a prophecy that he had dismissed as a fairy tale. In it, one of his children were chosen to be a great hero by the heavenly Sarenrae. Having thought the prophecy false when his son died of illness many years ago, he rejoiced that the path was now illuminated for Verin

Many years have passed since her first demonic encounter, and many foul beasts have seen the fury Verin can unleash. The goblins near Sandpoint will soon learn their place.