The Fighter

Some do it for money, others fame, and some just like to fight. Whatever the reasons, though, a fighter is always a welcome sight on your side of the battlefield. Tested, tried, and true, what he lacks in spellcraft, he more than makes up for in swordplay. Not as wild as a barbarian and less timid than a bard, he will bring his valor, confidence, and wit into any fight he faces. As worthy as an adversary you will ever face, the fighter stands ready to claim the skirmish for his own.

The Weapons

Fighter Weapon Groups
One-Handed Two-Handed Ranged
Handaxe Great Axe Throwing Axe
Shortsword Great Sword Throwing Daggers
Short Spear Trident

The Man

Never one to mince words, Blyth usually has one thing on his mind. Money. He will tell you that, in his younger days, he didn't know right from wrong. Some called him a bully, others called him a coward - just not to his face. He got paid to do the "dirty work" for a local merchant that was not the most honest man in town. He was simply the richest. Blyth's employment ended, however, when the merchant tried to stiff him on payment for a job that didn't go as planned. Ever the capitalist, Blyth took what he was owed, plus a golden earring ripped from the merchant's ear during the scuffle.

Blyth tried other professions, those that did not carry with it the same hazards as his former job. Nothing ever seemed to satisfy him, though, until one day he passed a bounty board in town. Among the usual posting he was used to seeing, he noticed a small note that simply said "heading west to Magnimar." It was usually not this kind of thing that caught his eye, but this little tatter of paper seemed to draw him in. He found the author of the note, a paladin named Verin, inside the local inn.

Now, later in life, he has found a decent living in adventuring. Along with his companions, Blyth happened upon a festival that has everyone in good spirits. Sadly, the creatures that are about to lay siege on Sandpoint have mistaken his laughter for weakness. They won't know what hit them.