The Druid

Protectors of the wilds, storm-charmers, and companions to feral creatures, all could describe any number of druids. Her individual devotions, though, are vastly more varied than most give her credit for. She is just as apt to strike down an animal as she is to revive it, while at the same time letting nature fend for itself. After all, just like people, animals can be good, evil, or anywhere in between. And as for defender of the world's lands? Ask anyone that has weathered a hurricane or dealt with a sandstorm if Mother Nature needs help defending herself. No, the druid's mind is not as clearly defined as some believe, but one thing is for certain: if she has deemed you worthy of her aid, you would be wise to accept it.

The Metamorphosis

Druid's Shapeshifting Ability: Wildshape
Land Creatures Flying Creatures Aquatic Creatures
Animals Dog Eagle Stingray
Wolf Bat Squid
Tiger Vulture Octopus
Elementals Earth Elemental Wind Elemental Water Elemental

The Little One

She never claimed to be anything she was not. The youngest child of seven siblings, Nini's family playfully teased her when she told them about her conversations with the local animals that wandered through their back yard. Who could blame them? She was not the first child to blissfully carry on one-sided conversations with the family pets. However, the teasing stopped when her family witnessed a perfectly choreographed routine of dogs, cats, mice, chickens, and one goat acting out the very teasing they had put her through. Each animal had a little nametag, but their seat at the dinner table gave away their identities. Convinced of Nini's gift, her parents allowed her to perfect her abilities without ridicule.

Nini found that she could do more than speak with animals. The earth itself seemed to speak to her at times. While not as clear as her conversations with the animals, she still heard the whispers from time to time. As she listened, she learned to control some plantlife as well as heal the wounded animals. These abilities flourished over time, but none seemed to ever equal that of her animalistic abilities.

She is still just a kid at heart, but Nini has now mastered her ability to commune with animals. She just wants to see the world, and this journey is no different. The goblins at Sandpoint can't begin to understand what's in store for them. She has saved the best trick for last, and it will be her own claws they feel at their throats.