The Cleric

A common misconception is that those that take up a cleric's duties are destined to lead quiet lives in some church or chapel. That is not where the work is done, my friends. Their prayers are meant to be heard on the battlefields, in the dungeons, and on the coasts of far off shores. Their mark is placed on this world not by their words, but by their deeds. A staunch ally, there are not many heroes that would be alive to tell their stories if not for these brave souls. Some clerics strive to restore life, while others seek to take it. Either way, though, their presence bolsters any group's chances of survival in this world.

The Famous

Noteworthy Clerics
Heggal Tarlin Zarlova
heggal tarlin zarlova

The Half-Blood

If not for Telan, entire towns would have been destroyed. She saved them all. She did not raise her sword or spout ramblings from forgotten scriptures. She simply left, and made sure that those hunting her saw it. Her pursuers are not known for their kindness, but they are also not stupid. When faced with a cold trail or a pillaging, the decision was clear. Some say that she is being hunted for something she did - but how can someone like Telan ever be accused of wrongdoing? No, the sad truth is that she is being hunted for what she is.

This was not the first time she had been hunted, and to say that she grew tired of running would be an understatement. She had always been a nomad due to many reasons, but none among them were her own choice. She finally got to a village that was, for all intents and purposes, not on the map. For many years she lived on the outskirts of town, dealing with only a few people, but giving aid where she could. Sadly, they were not as trustworthy as she, and at the sight of a few trade goods, the town's elders gave Telan to the wolves.

Telan's captor's didn't hold her long. They never can. When one looks human, everyone assumes that a normal cage will suffice. Besides, there are still those out there that need help. The winds tell her that Sandpoint will be another town forever in her debt.