The Situation

Sandpoint. A small town on the coast that is often overshadowed by the neighboring city to the north, Magnimar. It is at Sandpoint, though, that many rumors and hushed lips speak of trouble brewing that could rival any threat that has befallen Magnimar in some time. The five goblin factions have united under a common banner, a characteristic that has never boded well for any civilized society, and have began raiding outlying settlements in large numbers. On the evening of the Swallowtail Festival, though, the unthinkable has happened: a full scale attack against Sandpoint ushered in by Tsuto.

The Goblin Tribes

  1. Thistletop
  2. Seven Tooth
  3. Mosswood
  4. Licktoad
  5. Birdcruncher

The Comrades

Arriving to enjoy the festivities, four companions are set to drink, laugh, and sing the songs of their ilk. Their kind are not uncommon in these lands. Fortune-seekers and fame-grabbers, they are all essentially the same. Not the type to typically wage war for the sake of it, nor the type to back away from a fight. These four adventurers have settled in and are unaware that the festival is about to erupt in blood.

There may have been a time in which the battle would have been so one-sided that no Sandpoint citizen would have seen the sun rise. There may have been a group of adventurers that would have ran at the sight of a goblin horde approaching. Would anyone blame them for running away when they were merely passing through?

Sometimes, though, extraordinary circumstances bring out a fire inside that even the gods themselves notice. These particular adventurers do not owe the people of Sandpoint anything but the coin to pay for their stay, but Sandpoint is about to owe them a great deal more.